West Mercia Police – Door Knockers

Between 6th November and 10th November, we received a number of calls about ‘Nottingham Knockers’ operating in the South Worcestershire area.

Nottingham Knockers are groups of individuals, usually young men, who travel from the North East of the country to our towns and villages, knocking doors, targeting vulnerable and elderly people, claiming to be on a rehabilitation scheme, or similar, with a bag of household items.

These men are NOT on a rehabilitation scheme and the ‘Probation Service’ do NOT send people out selling door-to-door. Please do not buy from someone who’s selling goods in this manner. 

In order to trade door-to-door, a person MUST have a pedlar’s certificate, issued by the Chief Constable of the police force where they live. The ‘Pedlars Act 1871′ defines a pedlar as a person who trades by travelling on foot between town to town or visits another persons’ house.

Trading as a pedlar without a certificate is an offence and a number of these individuals have been prosecuted.

A laminated ‘Hawker’s ID‘ or ‘Work Creation‘ card is NOT a pedlar’s certificate.

If you were visited by one of these men in the last 7 days, especially if you have Ring doorbell or CCTV footage, please contact me via the following email: 

When rogue traders come to your door uninvited and pressure you into buying something, or signing you up for a service you don’t need, it can be very intimidating, the impact of which causes emotional and financial repercussions.  The following comments were made by people who’ve encountered Nottingham Knockers:

He became abusive when i declined to buy anything”

“The male became verbally aggressive”

“He was persistent and I ended up buying from him as I just wanted to get rid of him.”

“He became rather abusive and said I wasted his time. He called me a horrible woman”

We’re working with Trading Standards in order to tackle doorstep crime and there is legislation to deal with people who commit these type of offences, therefore, if you receive a visit from a rogue trader, please call the police on  101.