Neighbourhood Plan Update – January 23

South Lenches Parish Council Neighbourhood Plan Update January 2023

Happy New Year! It was great to see so many people rallying round to discuss a recent planning application in Church Lench, and proof that there remains enthusiasm for the right level of development in the Parish. Since the last time the Neighbourhood Plan Steering Committee met in 2022, we have been busy behind the scenes, developing the Vision, Aims and Objectives of the Neighbourhood Plan followed by the Policies, supported by all the evidence that the community has brought together in the previous years.

There are 3 critical consultation milestones that we need to reach for the Neighbourhood Plan to be adopted. Regulation 14 – when the draft Plan is reviewed by the whole Parish.

Regulation 16 – when the draft Plan (including any changes from the Parish consultation) is reviewed by Wychavon District Council; then final Examination (from an external Planning

Examiner) and Referendum to approve the Plan from the whole Parish.

The Neighbourhood Plan Steering Committee is due to meet on January 16th, 2023, when we will discuss the steps to be taken to get the Neighbourhood Plan ready for Parish consultation. The aim is to have the Plan ready by Spring this year and to reach final adoption by the end of this year.

To meet these targets, we need your help and support. The people on the Steering Committee along with the Parish Council are representing you and your views of how our Parish should develop in the coming years. But it is YOUR plan. A Plan that will play a vital role in the future development of the South Lenches communities.

There are many tasks and activities to be completed before we reach the Regulation 14 consultation – if you have some time to volunteer and can be a part of our Steering Committee, please let us know! We will update you via the Parish magazine again next month.

Carolyn Hodges.